Low risk strategies : For conservative investor

I have a third of my liquid assets in T-bills and want to generate some additional income on top of T-bills. I am stuck in analysis paralysis and want to know if you have any strategies (Name them I will do research). I am looking for low-risk income strategies and intend to generate an extra % return over Tbills. I am an income investor with this part of my portfolio and like to see some income preferably every month/quarter/year.

I found a few strategies

  1. Converting Tbills to Target Maturity Debt MF and pledging MF to sell far OTM cash secured puts.
    If assigned do wheel strategy.

  2. Invest in a multi-cap/large/flexi fund and bleed 6% via SWP and revisit if investment grows then increase SWP in a decade or so.

  3. Actively look for 9% bonds in secondary markets.

  4. Invest in conservative MF

  5. I am also a dividend investor and do not find opportunities now at all.

I prefer low-expense options and do not understand complex options strategies.

Risk Appetite is low and ok with a 1-3% return on top of t-bill, please consider this.

Selling far OTM options is not what it looks like. One Black Swan day against you and you lose more than you ever gained. Why do you think people buy those? Repeatedly? To hedge against Black Swan days. Over a long term your losses will be greater than your profits.

EDIT: Even if you didn’t need to hedge, buying far OTM options would only be sensible. If you can have patience for Black Swan days.

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