Lower Circuit in NSE today (Market)

Mkt has already fallen 700 Pts Nifty Spot today. It’s like 1/2 Lower Circuit.

Do you think there is a chance of Hitting Lower Circuit (10%fall) today?

Your display pic is very suitable for the times we are in lol

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In this kind of market 20% lower circuit is also not a surprise. Why make a big deal of anything now lol. Anything is possible.

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Market is no close to 2008 situation

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Is the Marker Circuit Breakers rules applicable equally to the both : Lower Circuit and Upper Circuit ?


the market circuit rule is for nifty or sensex or banknifty or (nifty&sensex) or (all the 3) ?

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Only for Nifty & Sensex.

if sensex hit LC , even NSE will be closed ? and if Nifty hit , even BSE will be closed ?

Yes it will be closed