Lower Price Band changed during the day!

Date 25th sept 2018
Today I was following DHFL. On the nse site the lower price band is set at 275 change. However the price of the stock fell all the way to 268 change. Trading was not halted. However when check it at around 2:25 pm the lower band has be modified to 256 change.

My questions are

  1. I was of the opinion price bands are set on daily basis. How come the price band got changed ? Or was it my error or nse did not update the values on site?
  2. How come the stock traded even after lower price band was reached.
  3. If I had been short on the stock and stock price approach lower band what are my options ?

If you have been more than 3 months in market, then it is very pity that you have to ask this question

I dont know why so many people ask this doubt, you can google and find answer also

Even you can search on this forum also -

DHFL is a F&O category share where there is no circuit breaker but only dynamic circuit breakers are applied so as to avoid mis -use of order punching errors.

Well Will try to do the search before asking the next time around…

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