Lowest VIX closing in a quarter

India VIX is closing at 3 Month lows at 17.80 (down 4% today)

Is the market sensing the end of war and inflation? Or is it calm before the storm ?

We have seen how US markets are swinging these days. Dow had a movement of 1500 points in last 3 days.

Definitely surprising to see the contrast in how volatility is playing out in both of these mrkts

What do you think lies ahead? Vixplosion (VIX explosion) or rangebound VIX and booming mrkts ?

Is the corresponding volume down as well?

A common sentiment i hear from many people is that they have “taken a break” from the market right now.

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  1. This 9.1% US last month inflation data came when crude was trading around $122 , now crude is trading under 100$ so next month inflation would be considerably low. So market is sensing top of inflation has been made in US.
  2. I think market would definitely wait 1-2 months before making a big move , either side.
  3. Now , all the bad news have been factored in worst seems to be over , but it would be only confirmed after few more months of data.
  4. Unless, some new developments happens ( -ve side) , markets won’t make a big move.
  5. Upside is still little limited as its still sell on rise market.so , until + ve are confirmed which may take 1-2 months , until then it should consolidate
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