LRS Taxation for Indians

Can someone please advise on use of LRS money to buy international equity and the tax implications for Indian residents ?

@Quicko Can you, please.

Tax Treatment of Foreign Equity
Foreign Equity is taxed in the same way as any other Asset.
Tax Treatment
LTCG - 20% with benefit of indexation
STCG - income tax slab rates
Set Off and Carry Forward Loss
LTCL - Can be set off against LTCG and carried forward for 8 years
STCL - Can be set off against STCG and LTCG and carried forward for 8 years

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Thanks - super clear ! I heard @nithin saying on a TV interview that Zerodha will be provding access to US markets. Any comment on expected timelines ?

Working on this, will take few more weeks.

related query. say the LRS remittance is used to create a company abroad. There is set up costs/compliance/maintenance fees so on. The remmiter is the director/shareholder/member of the company. can these costs be carried as a loss? When the company pays back dividend or any salary to the remitter in India this can be set off against it?