M&M Financial services

Charts say M&M fin is weak and bearish and I’m on it expecting 400 within a week :raised_hand:

This is the M&MFin chart and the red line is the level you’re expecting.

Any reasoning for why you see weakness in the charts?

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Both banking and financial sectors are wobbling now and this particular stock is too weak and signals are strong enough to sell and so I went with it… Anyways I have a little fear within…

Do you use indicator studies to find regions of weakness?

Yes… I find it something credible… What’s your opinion?

I’m newbie to trading… Let me know if there are any other efficient ways… Thanks

Follow and post on this thread. There are quite a few technical guys there. Ultimately, after you have your levels for the stock, the market will finally make its own move. You have to watch the price, see how the stock opens and holds up through the trading day. Read about price action as well.

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