M. Stock review

Does anyone use this platform… Please give detail review

I am surprised to not see your reply for over 20 hours. :crazy_face::crazy_face:

:sweat_smile: I don’t use mstock. So no comments to offer on mstock platform.

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He’s fan of Dhan :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, In all these years in stock market am seeing an Indian broker who can possibly rival IB in its platform capabilities. Also refreshing to see a fast paced tech first broker who listens to the customer.

By the way I have ELSS investment in Mirae asset fund invested via zerodha coin. So am bit connected to them.

Will definitely try it out soon. Just waiting for 1 feature.

And will take your reference code for sure. :grin::metal:

Competition is always good. I hope we get competition in exchanges as well , NSE is monopoly and Exchanges transaction charges should also be made per order rather than turnover ( just like broker do ). All they do is matches the order and they get hefty fees +penalties etc, not fair !

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STT also is a killer for day traders. Should be abolished.

Yes, its double tax on us .

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I have taken few stock deliveries in mstock. I spent some time exploring the app and the web interface before placing the orders. Few observations:
The interface is simple, but not very helpful
Many features are yet to be implemented
Commodities are not available to trade
Option chain shows only OI and LTP
Charts take time to load/refresh
Lifetime AMC and Zero brokerage option costs you upfront
In my opinion there are other brokers who provide simple, user friendly, zero brokerage, feature rich platforms.

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