MACD crossover is made in 15 min intraday chart but the same is not seen on 30 or 60 min intraday chart? What does this mean? Which timeframe is reliable for day trading using MACD?

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Saiprasad this is a very typical behavior. A signal generated by an indicator on one timeframe contradict itself on another timeframe.

Reason is simple - becuase most of the indicators use time series data and they work on the principal of averages.

Remember MACD indicator is also based on averages. 15 Mins charts react quicker when compared to 30 or 60 minutes. For the three time frame i.e 15,30 and 60 to converge and give you the same signal there has to be a strong trend in the market. In the absence of which, there will always be a lag.


thank you very much for your answer Karthik