MACD + RSI Strategy for finding uptrends

Hi everyone,

I am using the below strategy using MACD and RSI for buying scrips in the short term. But how we can identify the false signals generated.

Enter Strategy:

  • When RSI(25) crosses over 30 (And)

  • When MACD(7,13,9) is greater than MACD-Signal(7,13,9)

Exit Strategy

  • When RSI(25) crosses below 70 (Or)

  • When +DI(25) crosses below -DI(25) (And) ADX(25) greater than 25

To eliminate the false signals, I tried to use

  • ADX indicator to determine the strength. But this was not helpful. ADX was low both in true positive and false positive cases.

  • Aroon indicator to determine the strength. This also didn’t help.

Can you help me on this?

Example of false signal:

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