Magazines to read to become successful investor

Which magazines should one read to know a company, its prospects, their business activies, its management etc? basically i want to become a successful investor… what magazines/newspapers would you advise to read?

There are many, and I am sure others will add to the list.
I subscribe to Wealth Insight by Value Research Online.
I find this magazine most sensible and rational.

megazines wont give you the full picture of the management and the working of the company.
the main source for becoming successful investor is to read the balancesheet of the company and the annual report. following is the things you need to read in the annual report of the company and their main reason for it:

  1. chairman or CEOs message and their plans: we need to read this before investing as to now the CEOs plan for the next fiscal year ahead and whether he is able to deliver it or not.
  2. read the footnotes in the annual report of the company as it tells the more clear picture which is not mentioned in the balance sheet.
  3. the integrity of the management and their quality can be judged if they are able to deliver the promises made in the past or not.
  4. try reading the balance sheet, profit and loss statement and the income statement than any magazines, it will give you more clear picture.
  5. the annual report is more important than any megazines

still if you want to read megazines, you can read the business today, business standard newspaper. good explanation and great covering in both the sources.

Thanks, where to get annual reports of a company from? Pls guide. Thanks

Thanks for recommending it. I have never read the magazine, will try it now. Thanks

Annual Reports are available for free from company’s website and also from

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