MAJESCO Interim Dividend

If My Total Income Doesn’t Exceed Basic Exemption Limit Am I Still Liable To Pay Tax On MAJESCO Interim Dividend Which The Company Announced Recently.

@Quicko can you.


If your total income does not exceed basic exemption limit - no need to pay tax.
If any TDS deducted on the Interim Dividend paid - you can file the return and claim refund.



Just like @San78, mentioned
If your total income is below the basic exemption limit, you are not liable to pay any tax. However, it is a good practice to file your ITR and report dividend income. In such as case you can file a NIL return.
In case TDS has been deducted by the company on your dividend income u/s 194 or 194K you can claim the refund when claim the tax credit when filing ITR.