MAJESCO ltd announced 974 per share Interim dividend!

we are only discussing about Majesco ltd on this thread which will trade EX DIVIDEND only and only from 23 December .

No, zero possibility of going negative. It won’t go, worst case it will be 0.

I REST MY CASE by saying there has to be rules framed for every action .

Yes, the stock price cannot be in negative. This scenario will be one to watch out for, you have got me curious as well :slightly_smiling_face:

There must be some provisions, not aware of them though. Maybe we will have to wait and see what happens

Form 15 related query:

Should I write the exact amount of dividend expected or can write “approx. 2L”
I am still planning to buy more shares hence exact dividend amount is not yet finalized.

Last date to submit form 15 G is today 21 December 2020 .

will I receive dividend if I buy and hold from 22 dec > ex date 23 dec

you will get dividend of 974 per share if you buy on 22 December . the share will trade EX dividend from 23 December.

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As per BSE /NSE circular dated 21 December 2020 MINIMUM adjusted PRICE for EX dividend on 23 December will be face value 5 or 22 December closing minus 974 WHICHEVER IS HIGHER …The aforementioned policy shall be adopted by ExchangeS on December 22,2020 for the company Majesco Ltd.

Thanks for replay bro.
just to confirm What amount of dividend i will receive if I buy shares today (22 dec ) ex date 23 dec ?

if you buy today on 22 December 2020 you will get 974 per share Dividend and most probably by earliest payment date 30 December .
There is another pay out due of around 36 per share in few weeks /months . after that liquidation value of property and perhaps company in about a year’s time . the share will remain listed till that time.

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