Making more flexible of the Basket Order

@ShubhS9, @siva

Good evening!

Would you please consider the followings to implement in the basket order to make it more flexible?

  1. Repositioning facility of the basket any where on the screen so that while adding some scrips or Options in the basket, we can check its price on the same time from the watch list. Presently the basket opens covering the watch list. Please make it easy to reposition the same.

  2. Drag and drop feature would be more dynamic. While we comfortably observe the prices of different strikes of any option on the watch list, we could calculate the net payoff at the same time and take position according to the strategy. Therefore, it would be very convenient for us if we could drag and drop these chosen options directly from the watch list. It will not only save the time from searching and adding the same thing repeatedly on the basket, but also prevent us from doing any mistake.

  3. Prices (LTP) for the individual stock or option should be shown by their sides in the basket.

  4. Individual execution button should be more useful alongside the stock or option from the begging.

  5. After execution of a basket order there should be features so that we can get the net profit/loss of the collective orders in the basket (very useful for option Strategy) in any given time independently at a glance. At present, it becomes difficult for us if we have some other positions already in the portfolio. So a handy at a glance feature to check P/L is much needed.

  6. While going for exiting the same options executed through the basket, we have to do it individually now or have to create a separate basket for the same. So it would be more convenient to add some feature for exit the option from the same basket individually as well as collectively.

  7. (Though not related with Basket) Full screen home page of kite will be more comfortable. There is an option for pop out of the chart but, unfortunately we cannot get there watch list. So please consider to keep all the features available on the chart on the full screen, like trading view, so that we can check everything without moving out from the chart.

Would be happy to get your kind response.



@ShubhS9, @siva


It seems my message has got slipped in the midst of your busy schedule. Your kind response is much awaited.


Will check on possibility but one can see LTP on basket itself.

Payoff will be provided in next versions.

Already shown.

Will come.

In our list, will take sometime.

In our list.

May not be possible for now.

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