Making range bar charting pattern using zerodha kiteticker

i’ve made this code for making range bar charting pattern , to trade using it in my algorithm using zerodha API.


def Range(ticker):
“”“Range bar brick size is unique for every stock.
So it’s need to updated for every stock you trade.”""

return round(0.5*(fetchOHLC(ticker,"10minute",25)),0)


def Rangebaroperation(ticks):
for tick in ticks:
ticker = tickerLookup(int(tick[‘instrument_token’]))

        range_param[ticker]["highTarget"] = None,
        range_param[ticker]["lowTarget"] = None

        def createBar(close):
            newTick = {
                ['open']: int(float(round(tick['last_price'][-1]),2)),
                ['close']: int(float(round(tick['close']),2)),
                ['high']: int(round(range_param[ticker]["highTarget"]),2),
                ['low']: int(round(range_param[ticker]["lowTarget"]),2),
                ['volume']: int(float(round(tick['volume']),2))
            newTick[float(tick['close'][-1])] = newTick[float(tick['open'])]

        # We translate directional movements O -> H -> L -> C -> O ...
        def processMove(q, b):
            while (1):
                if float(tick['last_price']) < b:
                    # direction is upward
                    gap = (float(tick['last_price'] - range_param[ticker]["highTarget"]))//range_param[ticker]["brick_size"]
                    tick['last_price'] = min(b, range_param[ticker]["highTarget"])
                    range_param[ticker]["lowTarget"] = max(range_param[ticker]["lowTarget"], float(tick['last_price']) - range_param[ticker]["brick_size"])
                    range_param[ticker]["brick"] = max(1,range_param[ticker]["brick"]+(1+gap))
                    if (b < range_param[ticker]["highTarget"]): break
                elif float(tick['last_price']) >= b:
                    # direction is downward
                    gap = (range_param[ticker]["lowTarget"] - float(tick['last_price']))//range_param[ticker]["brick_size"]
                    tick['last_price'] = max(b, range_param[ticker]["lowTarget"])
                    range_param[ticker]["highTarget"] = min(range_param[ticker]["highTarget"], float(tick['last_price']) + range_param[ticker]["brick_size"])
                    range_param[ticker]["brick"] = min(-1,range_param[ticker]["brick"]-(1+gap))
                    if (b > range_param[ticker]["lowTarget"]): break


        def resetTargets():
            range_param[ticker]["highTarget"] = float(tick['last_price']) + range_param[ticker]["brick_size"]
            range_param[ticker]["lowTarget"] = float(tick['last_price']) - range_param[ticker]["brick_size"]
            tick['close'][-1] = float(tick['last_price'])

        for i in range_param[ticker]["brick_size"](0,len(tick)):
            q = tick[i]
            if not (q): continue
            q1 = tick[i - 1]
            if not i:
                if q1:
                    tick['last_price'] = q1. float(tick['close'])
                    if (float(tick['last_price']) or float(tick['last_price']) == 0): resetTargets()

            if not (q1): continue
            C = q(tick['close']),
            O = q(tick['open']),
            H = q(tick['high']),
            L = q(tick['low'])
            if (not C and C != 0): continue
            O = O if O or O == 0 else C
            H = H if H or H == 0 else C
            L = L if L or L == 0 else C

            if not float(tick['last_price']) and float(tick['last_price']) != 0:
                tick = math.floor(O / range_param[ticker]["brick_size"]) * range_param[ticker]["brick_size"]
                tick['last_price'] = O if tick.isnumeric() else tick
                processMove(q1, O)

            if (i): processMove(q, O)
            # shortest distance between open and either high or low determines initial direction
            if ([H - O] < [O - L]):
                if (H): processMove(q, H)
                if (L): processMove(q, L)
                if (L): processMove(q, L)
                if (H): processMove(q, H)

            processMove(q, C)
            if i == len(tick) - 1 and C != float(tick['close'][-1]):
                range_param[ticker]["tempHighTarget"] = range_param[ticker]["highTarget"]
                range_param[ticker]["highTarget"] = range_param[ticker]["lowTarget"] + range_param[ticker]["brick_size"]
                range_param[ticker]["lowTarget"] = range_param[ticker]["tempHighTarget"] - range_param[ticker]["brick_size"]
        print("{}: brick number = {},last price ={}, highTarget ={}, lowTarget ={},temphighTarget ={}"\
    except Exception as e:

whenevr i try to call this function to do live streaming to fetch OHLC in the form of range bar i get ‘DataFrame’ object is not callable as the output instead of RANGE BARS.
can anyone please help me.

Hi Basudev, you can also post queries related to Kite Connect on this forum.

Hey @ShubhS9 i also posted this question their but i haven’t got any response yet.