Making Rupee Tales print-edition of books available using Amazon KDP

I came across (via Varsity) and was simply blown away by the quality.

Since print is sold out, I tried printing a few pages but home print quality is very bad.

So wondering if @karthik/Zerodha has considered using Amazon’s publishing solution. I assume Amazon will keep printing on-demand so the print edition won’t be sold out.

Thanks, @Karthik for awesome content anyway. Learned a lot :pray:


Thank you :slight_smile:

Yup, we are aware and contemplating Rupee Tales relaunch :slight_smile:

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Glad to know you are considering a relaunch. :slight_smile:

Maybe add an email-waitlist option on so people can signup for notification. That way you can gauge the interest.


@Karthik When will the print edition be available? I would like to gift the books to my relative’s kid. But kindle is not an option and if I print it, it does not look that good.

Please make the hard copies available. Maybe older kids will download and read the pdf. But for gifting purpose and younger kids for whom the books are most useful, will prefer hard copy books.