Man Received ₹ 11k crore in Kotak Demat

I got to know that in a foreign country a similar thing happened, not this kind of amount though, and the man who got the amount withdrew the amount, and the authorities cannot recover the amount, so filed charges or something.

Similar case happened in Kannauj in UP during demonetization. Two Hukum Singhs had account in same branch of SBI. One was depositing money, sometimes 2000 sometimes 5000 etc and the other was withdrawing. When the original one reached to withdraw some money he came to know there is no money in account.
When the police caught the one who was withdrawing, he said that he thought Modi ji is sending 15 lakh in instalments.:grinning:


I think if a person who does like this, withdraws money and spends, and has no possessions, lives in a rented house, and has no stable job, then they cannot recover money from him, and send him to prison.

Or they may recover from him for the next 10 years :thinking: