Mandatory nominee?

Receiving mails from NSE and other brokers to link nominee detaisl or else Account will be inactive? Some other drama again?

I did not get any mails.

You don’t have nominee, so you got mails?

I guess so. Indicating account will disabled from NSE. Cant trade anymore.

So you have no nominees?


Yes, they have started the nominee drama all over again.

If you don’t wish to have a nominee on your depository account for the moment, you can submit what is called a “negative nomination request” .


Thanks for the suggestions. @prakash1975 @neha1101

I never invested in stocks. I trade mostly Intraday. There is no need of Nominee to my account i believe. But this indication “Account will be inactive if you don’t nominee”. Let user wish to keep it or not.

Making it mandatory and keeping a deadline is unfair. All these new dramas are more entertaining than any film industries or sports.

Aadhar pan, Bank aadhar, nominee, pan aadhar is an other flavour half of the nation don’t even understand.
While going to bank to deposit my own money in my own account, Bring your pan card. etc etc etc. I Smile when things will stop for no good reasons.


I have received similar emails… from gentle reminders to urgent coercion… They have given an ultimatum to either add nominee or opt for negative nomination request by 31st March… If I don’t do anything, they say account will get locked.

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some dumb scholars of Z should respond

it is a SEBI circular.
calling names is inappropriate

this has nothing to do with Z… There is a SEBI circular (& the link is also shared in the same mailer)…
and unfair to call names here when they have been doing some really amazing work… See the mails carefully, its other brokers & not Z… so why don’t you contact your own broker? I only shared that I am also receiving the same mails to drive home the point that it is quite widespread & everyone is getting those mails especially if you don’t have a nominee yet… Lets be civil & polite please.

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Hey everyone, SEBI released a circular on 24th Feb 2022 by which it mandated the submission of nomination details/declaration for opting out of nomination for investors. The last date of which was extended till 31st Mar’23. Hence brokers & clearing corporations are sending emails to either add a nominee or fill out the opting-out form.

You can find the link to the SEBI circular here.


Having 3 accounts in different brokers , actively using zerodha only and already registered nominee in zerodha , not using other 2 accounts for 5,6 years , have to submit there also , else exchange will freeze this zerodha account too ?

no. it is applicable only to those accounts in which you haven’t added nominee yet… So exchange cannot freeze Z a/c…

But just my 2-cent suggestion : if you aren’t using the other 2 accounts, why don’t you port those 2 accounts (in case you have holdings there) to Z & close them permanently? If you aren’t using why pay the annual maintenance charges? Periodic reviews are helpful & streamlining finances is very important… It becomes very messy, cluttered, chaotic & super stressful to handle multiple accounts…

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Thanks for your reply , no holdings there and no amc for those acounts .

Though I’ve accounts with zerodha, I never get any email regarding submission of nomination. I haven’t submitted though any nomination. Arr my accounts going to be freezed? Can I opt out nomination online?
Could you please enlighten me? Thanks

Hey, @MONKU Zerodha will automatically inform the exchanges of your decision to submit a nominee. If you haven’t submitted any nominations by 31st Mar, Zerodha will inform the exchanges. For further details, you can visit the following link

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Thanks for sharing the information. To my understanding, in absence of submission of nomination form, accounts will be treated as opted out of nomination. Right?

I’ve not added nominees on my trading account, nor has my dad. Have not received any communication either to add nominees. Wondering why?

Yes. Zerodha will treat it as opted out of the nomination. Cant comment on what other brokers will do