Manic Monday : More fall expected from here?

The equity markets crashed for the fifth straight session today driven by continuous FII selling, geopolitical tensions, and Fed going for multiple rate hikes this year that soured the investor’s sentiment leading all sectors deep in the red.

Sensex recorded its biggest daily fall since November, in red by 1545.67 points (-2.62%) and NIFTY by 468.05 points (-2.66%). The investors lost around Rs.9.15 lakh crores today and approximately Rs.19.33 lakh crores since Tuesday last week. While NIFTY BANK also closed at 36947.55 with a fall of -1.67% today.

How NIFTY and SENSEX moved today:

New age stocks recently listed with high valuations such as Zomato, NYKAA, saw a beating with brutal tech sell-off in these recent sessions.

The volatility index also saw a massive surge of 23% to 23 points today amid fears and tensions.

Some may also look at this as an opportunity to build a long-term valued portfolio intending to purchase stocks at a cheaper rate.

However, there can still be a possibility of the market witnessing some more sessions of downfall due to rising fears. Would love to know others’ opinions on today’s crash and what the market can stand to ahead?


Yes, In my opinion, this is a great opportunity to accumulate stocks which I own. In fact only by accumulation, is wealth created and also gives me an opportunity to sell in part when the price increase in the future and thereby reduce my average cost. .

No one can time the market, so the best option is to nibble in small quantities. If the stock one own is doing reasonably well, this is a great opportunity to accumulate subject to maintaining your Asset Allocation. This is critical.

If this fall does not bother you, you are doing "good’.

Discl: These are my personal views


The fall didn’t surprise me. The surprising thing for me was the highs that market touched. If something gets inflated too much it has to deflate. It just needs a little prick.

As a trader I absolutely love the trends up and down. So today me and my fellow traders had a ball. But even if one is an investor the market crashes throws up great opportunities to go stock fishing.