Manually clicking buy/sell in 2 way Semi Auto mode of Pi Bridge

I coded a sample strategy for automatic trading in Python. However, when my script places an order, there is no response received (Order response as documented in the API). However, I can see the same under “Generated Alerts”, which was supposed to be for 1 way Semi Auto Mode. Is this expected? Or am I doing something wrong? My goal is not having to click the buy and sell buttons manually. Is the latter supported at all, in pi bridge?

2 way Semi Auto mode in the sense the order will fire into pi at generated alerts and it is working correctly , you have to act on it with single click to place order.

Currently Zerodha is Providing Semi automated for all Pi bridge users

for more details write an email to [email protected] or call 080-40402020

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Thanks, that clears it! Too bad, my effort in developing the script has gone in vain :frowning: I thought I could keep it running and firing orders at home, when I would be in office :stuck_out_tongue: Guess fully auto is not for retail traders, unless they can shell out a premium :stuck_out_tongue: