Margin calculator for weekly bank nifty

pls add margin calculation for weekly bank nifty series where real large volume trading happens

Adding banknifty option margins makes the calculator look more tangled, as a thumb rule one can note the margins are equal to their monthly option contracts as there is no much considerable difference between the two.

How much margin in terms of money is required to short-sell Nifty Bank’s weekly options (option writing) in Zerodha? Margin calculator is not available for weekly expiry… can someone help

@siva, In past two weeks I have seen BANKNIFTY margin being deducted once 88k, once 33k, once 50k.

I tried calling Zerodha support many times but not getting any answer.

Am I missing something here? As per me, it shud be 88k margin deduction

Where it is deducted ?

In my account, everytime i take BANKNIFTY 1 lot future, very different values deducted from margin

Once 88k, then 33k, today 50k

Under what product types you are placing orders?

Everytime NRML