Margin calculator in basket order (Zerodha)


While we all spend time to point out the faults, we rarely spend the same amount of effort to appreciate the things that have been done correctly.
Hence I wanted to take the time to appreciate this awesome feature built by you guys.

The margin calculator in the basket order is just mind blowing for someone like me who does multi leg options. This feature has become all the more important post the margin rule change (both reduction and benefit for hedged position). I use the feature on a daily basis to understand where I need to place my hedges to make the most of the margin rule which reducing the cost of my hedges.

I cant imagine surviving a day without this feature. Kudos to the person who was the brain behind adding this feature. GREAT WORK GUYS!!!

And Thank you once again :grinning:

Ps. Feel free to make this public if you feel so


Margin calculator has been public even before they added the basket orders feature on kite.
Check it out here.

Yes, but that only allows NRML and not MIS. Also it does not does it have weekly expiry, only monthly. Also the prices there are updated only once a day where as in the basket order it is using live prices.
Hence the basket order is more accurate

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Also one can add any segment(eq) on basket and it will show margin.
One can save basket, place all orders at once in particular order to get upfront margin benefit because.
Baskets also show required margin and final margin, as in few cases margin required to take a position is different but once it is traded final margin blocked will be different.
Importantly baskets are available on trading platform itself and can analyze orders added on basket using sensibull widget option which gives out many data points for the trades planned.