Margin Calculator

How often does Zerodha update margin for stocks

It’s updated once at the beginning of a trading day.

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Specific time would be appreciated

Can you please let us know exactly when ( at what time) SPAN and exposure margins on the margin calculator are updated. This help predicting accuracy.

They will be updated around 4 times a day for fno. During the trading hours these will be in sync with terminals.

@siva what time are overnight margin calculations made?

for example,

  • the margin went into -1L at 329pm. (maybe because I removed the hedge)
  • I realized my mistake/shortfall at 9pm and transferred the money.
  • by 9:05pm the balance shows up as positive on kite’s fund page.

Do we get margin penalty in this case?

We suggest you refer to this link.

@Avinash_C_Lakkundi thank you. the link helps with the margins turning negative after 3:30pm.

the thread however has not answered for a similar case, but in the morning.

let’s say I have sufficient margin throughout the day, and after 3:30 pm as well. However, next day early morning at 8am, the margin shows negative (an example of this can happed on the last Thursday of the month, due to increased margin requirements of ITM stock options). If we infuse capital before pre-market, or sell the Stock option immediately at 9:16 am, do we still get margin penalty?

thanks in advance :slight_smile: