Margin Call - After Market Hours

I received a margin call today, after market closing. So just wanted to clarify a few points.

  1. Positions can’t be squared-off until 9:15 on the next trading day, right? This means I have time till then to add funds?
  2. Since today was an expiry day, most of my positions have expired at 3:30, so margins will get unblocked (I’m assuming by midnight). So do I need to add margins today? Can short margin penalty/ negative balance interest penalty kick in if I don’t add fund balance by today?

Thanks in anticipation.

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Hi @abcd5662

  1. Well, position can’t be squared off till next trading day but there is a cut off time for margin reporting so we consider funds transfer till 11:59 PM.

  2. We do send out margin call post 3:30PM Span upload and NSCCL or Clearing Corporation does include the expired contracts in this Span file capturing the last half an hour movement. Whereas, we do send out margin notifications post 5:30PM Span (EOD) upload which will calculate the margins excluding the expired ones at portfolio level.

For ex: Calender spread (Nifty Nov expiry long vs Short dec expiry), you can witness the increase in margin due to one leg is expired.

P.S. We don’t pass on peak or upfront penalty (in case of shortfall in Span+Exposure), but it is always recommended to keep a buffer margin or additional funds to take care of MTM (Mark to market).

To know more about margins : Margins & Margin penalties when trading with leverage – Z-Connect by Zerodha Z-Connect by Zerodha


Thanks for the reply. My fund balance on kite is still negative but as per your reply, eod margin requirement excludes expired contracts - so I’m good.

This reminds me of the third question I had. I’ve also placed a GSec order on coin and was having sufficient cash balance till afternoon. Due to the updated SPAN file upload, the fund balance now is negative, as mentioned earlier. In any case, with Nov expiry, almost my entire margin gets free now. My question is - Will my GSec order go through, cut off for which is 8pm today? (With fund balance still displaying negative amount).
Can share my client id if needed.

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Isn’t everyone an expert on the Internet? :sweat_smile:

Why was I charged penalty as all the positions expire today ?

Open Positions


G-sec order will be processed if you have sufficient funds and margin block shouldn’t be an issue since we consider funds and not the free balance post margin blocked.

You can refer to Console ledger for actual margin block for overnight carried excluding Today’s expiry.

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We have notified you on intraday peak margin shortfall but there won’t be any upfront margin penalty be passed on to you. Having said, it’s always advisable to keep a buffer margin or additional funds to take care of MTM.

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