Margin difference between shorting and normal intraday trade


I would like to know that the margin given for particular stock for buying in intraday will remain same in “shorting” and normal(intraday) trade??? or is there will diffence of margin in “shorting” and normal intrady trade…


Are you asking that margin for intraday buying and intraday selling is same or not for stocks?



Actually i want to know that does zerodha provide leverage in short selling(shorting)…n will it diffence from leverage given while we trade normal intraday trade(buy then sell method-i dont know how to name it)


Yes, for intaday, leverage is similar to futures which is 2.5 times.


I have been trading on the forex market from a long time and I always advise the new traders to trade smartly as trading on daily basis in a tough job. Intraday trading has huge risks which you must have to take into account while trading. Do you people agree with me?