Margin for delivery based stocks

when can we expect margin for delivey based stocks buying @nithin
ie t+5 days delivery
if that happens no brokerage house cant even come close to ZERODHA in stock broking
suggestions and opinions please…!!

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Other brokers do provide for 3-5 days 5x-10x Margin . Failing to clear same you are charged heavy penalty

Delivery based trading gives no income to zerodha …so any feature related to this seems to be on least priority item to them… but i am afraid this kind of move would be dangerous …competitors are moving way ahead … Although numbers for zerodha are increasing by leaps and bounds … but if they don’t pay heed to what client needs these numbers may shift to anywhere
Many such request like

  1. GTC
  2. Goal based categorization of holding /Enhancement to Back office
  3. Margin for Delivery
  4. Price Alerts by SMS/EMAIL/instant popup
  5. IMPS Facility for Funds Withdrawals
    and many more features are long long pending

They are considering E-margin facility. Don’t know exact date. Brokerages who provide this facility charges interest on the outstanding amount. Zerodha will do the same but at a lower interest I’m pretty sure.