Margin for Delivery Required

I have HDFC trading account and I do Delivery using margin, but he is a greedy guy and he is charging high brokerage for that. So, I am thinking of getting Ventura account. Please, tell me the timeline for that feature, margin for delivery. I always like Zerodha and don’t want to move out of Zerodha.


Any Progress on this Margin for Equity delivery

As per the article mentioned in below link

You said

“We are certainly going to launch the margin funding business We need to be sure if we can provide it through the brokerage entity or need to have a separate NBFC arm. Once we get clarity, we will get going,” said Nithin Kamath, founder and CEO, Zerodha.

When can we expect this any timeline…

Any Official comment on this ??

We’ll be the first ones to know when Zerodha is ready with their margin lending services.