Margin for Equity Delivery

Most of the trader brokers are giving margin for delivery. It would be better if you also provide the same. Already, you are the best broker in terms of brokerage. By providing this feature you would always stand first in terms of everything.

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We just received our NBFC license. So yes, we plan to have both loan against shares and margin funding in the next few weeks.


What will be applicable interest rate ?

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We haven’t decided all of that yet.

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Why Zerodha not offering collateral on delivery type stocks as holding?

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Dear @nithin still waiting for this… Margin for delivery


yeah, we are desperate to offer this as well. Unfortunately won’t be possible until we launch our new backoffice platform Crux.


when can we expect Crux?

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Well the promise you kept is still pending. When will zerodha offer margin for equity delivery based trading .?


Hey Nitin when you are offering margin for delivery option and when crux new back office launch.
please reply

So whats happening on this front ?
When do you plan to start margin funding for delivery trades ?
If already started, please give a link to the details.

We are testing on this, should be available in coming days.

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Within 3 months can we expect this facility ?

Yes,most likely.

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Hi Nithin still we are waiting when will expect this not only this feature alone there is a lot of features pending still you guys are saying that next two weeks… Weeks are all going but feature are not upgrade. This is not a easy one we no that we asking the exact time period.
For ex. Equity delivery margin, MCX BO facility, etc…

Whats your draft on interest charges for margin funding ? If you have not decided yet, what are rate other brokers give ?

The delay in starting margin funding was because of all the changes in regulation around it over the last many months. But hopefully soon.

MCX BO, @siva?

Should take a month more.

when will zerodha provide margin for delivery ? Every broker is giving margin and also low brokerages e.g. Angel broking. We are waiting from Zerodha too… :slight_smile: @siva @nithin

On our list but not a priority one, will take more time.

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