Margin is available but can not place an order


There is this massive problem with the platform where you see enough margin being available in the Kite->Funds section but when you place an order, the order is rejected. The problem has been there for a very long time based on my personal experience in trading. I think you internally call it the Third Leg problem which manifests itself in various forms. However, the end result is, as a trader, I am deprived of WYSIWYG which is so very important. To borrow from cricketing parlance, I exactly need not to know where my off stump is. Otherwise I may end up like a Gill or Pujara- as happened in yesterday’s WTC game. As I was told by the very helpful support desk, a new system “Enigma” is being built to address these issues. I hope we have considered all the use cases where this margin issue may occur based on the order rejection history of active F&O traders.
@nithin I am sure you are aware of the criticality of this issue. Hoping this gets fixed in very immediate future. Thanks.