Margin issue when removing one leg

I have 1 Lakh rupee in my account.
Let say I have sell PE and CE with hedge and the total margin used was 80k.
Now, if I remove one leg (say PE both buy and sell PE position) do my margin still blocked? I assumed that I will be getting back 30k from my PE position so I should be having 20 +30 = 50k available for trading or I will still be left with 20k margin?

Better thing is to place order and check by yourself so you will come across many use cases.

Anyhow if hedge is broken and short position is open then full margin for that short position will be blocked, also when breaking hedges it is recommended to close short legs first so
as to not attract any margin penalty.

Yeah I checked that and I got a message that I need additional 50k margin to place another PE/CE order.
So, I got confused if this is broker specific or SEBI rule.
I always clear my short position first so that is not causing any issue to me so far.

Condor requires lesser margin than CE/PE spread.
So if you remove one side of the Condor then margin required will be greater than half the margin blocked earlier.