Margin Penalty applicable if all my short options expire tonight

@siva @ShubhS9

Today all my short option position on the Nifty index (Oct 21st) will expire.
Currently, the fund page shows a negative available margin.
Will I be penalized for this?

Before the margin rule change, all penalities would have been applicable at EOD,
by then these options would have expired with no margin requirement.
Is it still the same rule? At 3:30 pm, I had free available margin.

This at 6:51 pm today.

I’m also having same problem bro…

In my opinion, since peak margin snapshots happen during market hours, if you didn’t have margin shortfall till 3.30 PM, there shouldn’t be any short margin penalty. The open positions on expiry day get settled at 3.40 PM (as per the time mentioned in the contract note). Hence EOD margins should not be applicable.

Just my opinion, lets wait for official confirmation from Zerodha staff

@Roy has answered this correctly. If this margin increase is with the last SPAN file(updated at 4 PM after market close), there won’t be any EOD margin penalty required.
If this increase was after the 2.30 PM SPAN file, there would have been a peak margin snapshot captured and you could have a peak margin shortfall. Do you check your daily margin statements on Console to see if there are any peak margin requirement.

Okay, thanks @MohammedFaisal !

I have got penalty on shortfall shown after 4 pm. I do not agree with this statement. Request you to please check again based on penalty charged.

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Bro, how much was shortfall and how much was penalty?
Sir…kindly let us know what has happened in this case as this could affect all us traders.

Shortfall was around 160000 and penalty was 1600 odd. My account code is YW2210 if someone at zerodha want to verify. Penalty was for 28 sep for currency position expired that day. Amount debited on 6th Oct.

That is steep…10%???
What is mentioned in support articles is 0.05% of debit balance per day…
Kindly look into it and share what has happened in this case…

It is 1 percent of shortfall and not 10. If shortfall is above 1 lac or more than 10 percent, penalty is calculated @ 1 percent

Sorry…my bad…

Hey @amitb, I will check the reason and update here. Request you to create a ticket for quicker assistance.

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@nithin @MohammedFaisal @ShubhS9 @siva

On Oct 28th, which was the monthly expiry, only once during the day my Margin Shortfall fell to around -30k.
This is the email that I got from zerodha which reflects by margin shortfall was very little.

But it seems I have been charged massively

Now my margin status for Oct 28th also does not show any negative margin, infact I m in massive surplus as all my position expired that date itself.

I am very worried about this lack of transparency, I have been now charged in excess of 30K in this account and a similar amount across my multiple accounts with Zerodha.

Can I please get a post mortem why this has been charged by the exchange when neither Zerodha nor my margin report shows any of this?

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My support ticket #20211109749876 for the same.

Mayank, as you should be aware, under the peak margin reporting rules, the exchange takes 4 snapshot at random intervals during trading hours. If there is any shortfall and the snapshot is taken at that moment, there will be margin shortfall penalty applicable. The rate at which the penalty is applicable have been explained here.

So it is advised to always maintain sufficient margins in your account. You can learn more about peak margin here.

Will check this. You’ll have an update on the ticket.

Hi Shubh,

That is where my problem is, neither did I see a shortfall of that extend on 28th Oct during real-time trading and neither did Zerodha email alert, alert me.
So till we know when exchanged took that snapshot, there is very little that we can figure out.

Either we should try making the margin shortfall alert to be more vigilant or Exchanges should provide us with the timestamp when the shortfall happened.

Unfortunately, it appears to be a common problem these days. People including myself have gotten margin shortfall penalty despite not even getting any margin call or anything.

After this, I’d written a complaint on the Sebi Scores website for the same thing:

I’d suggest you do the same as well, if more people write about it, more they’ll take notice of this issue…


I was also charged with peak margin penalty with email alert at 4:30, till 3:30 margin was in positive.
Zerodha customer care not able to provide any sensible answer. Raising official complaint to SEBI

Have you got any response or solution?
Have you got refund?