Margin Query or Intraday trades

What are the penalties that get applied if intraday margin goes negative? e.g. I have certain stock Buy position and I want to square off the position, after placing the Sell / exit order margin goes 25-30% negative. What penalties will be charged in this case?


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Hi Vipul,

Please Go through this link I hope it helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Ajay, This helps. However, it is not clear whether penalty will be applied at EOD if margin requirement is not met or irrespective of whether you meet the margin or not, once your margin goes negative, penalty need to be paid?

Hi Vipul, If Margin Shortfall Occurs You will Have time till T+1 Day (11:59PM) to add funds in order to avoid Penalty. If you fail to add funds then the Penalty will be levied to you within T+6th Day.

Thanks Ajay for the clarification. One more follow up question on the same if you can help.

I have a Spread position open for Infy which is out of money so far and still I am getting messages to maintain required margin else position may be squared off. Since tomorrow is expiry and I intend to square off tomorrow itself, will there be any penalty even if I square off?