Margin Shortfall calculation

How Zerodha handles a margin shortfall calculation for Futures & options segment.
I raised a support ticket & not satisfied with the answer.
I was having a margin of more than 7 lakhs on 27-Dec-2018 & the report also shows that Net obligation for NSE Equity F&O - Net as 1,21,727.35. In that case why there is a Penalty for 27 Dec 2018. It’s a pretty huge amount of 17,451.14

For example today my opening balance is Rs.1000 & I was having Yes Bank 210 Put & sold now. After selling Yes bank 210 put I am having a cash of 9 lakhs. Now I am buying Yes Bank Futures 14000 qty for which the margin needed is 7,01,000. As per your logic I am having a shortfall of 7,00,000. How it is logically correct ?
Because if you calculate penalty it will come to 70000+ & what is the fun in trading here.