Market between 9 to 9.15

Who is allowed to trade between 9 to 9.15 and 3.30 to 3.45

Anyone can take part in pre-market and post-market sessions, it is not restricted to certain set of traders/investors.

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Hey @suri

Check this for more info

Why is there such low liquidity in pre market and post market? Why don’t traders transact much in this timings?

The sessions are used just for price discovery and to reduce volatility at market opening, also from 9 AM till 9:08, you can only place, modify or cancel the orders, the orders are matched from 9:08 to 9:12. So, not as straightforward as during normal market hours, right? That is why low liquidity.

The post-market session isn’t much popular in India.


Can i not place orders between 9:08 to 9:12.?

No, you cannot. You can place orders when normal market hours start from 9:15 AM.

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