Market looking tired on the upside?

One big reason why I stay with niftybees. Otherwise there is always a missed out feeling. Few years back even my portfolio would be in red when nifty hits ATH.

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Even if you stay with Nifty, you would gain in proportion to the stocks that are rising, which will be offset with the falling stocks, if any. You would gain only if the heavy weights rise and the bottom stocks are down.

after 3 pm today’s meme please.

Isn’t it the same with stocks? If you pick stocks also not all will go up or down at the same time.
You need to see it at portfolio level.
From what I have seen our portfolio of stocks usually underperforms nifty. Not just ours, even active fund managers underperform benchmark. If that’s the case what’s the point of doing all the research and picking stocks. I know it can be other way round too but the pain of underperforming index after putting in so much effort is much more. This is mainly because if you buy nifty then you wouldn’t compare it with the portfolio you would otherwise have. But if you have a portfolio you always compare with nifty.

Wait. Am I making enough sense ? :rofl::rofl:

Arey. This is normal for monthly expiry. You should have seen feb month expiry. Then not just mind, even you would have blown away.

You have made sense, and you have presented one side of the coin, and as you know there exists another side too. And you are have chosen to be with index side :grin:

No boss. I have equity portfolio too. In fact it’s bigger than my exposure to niftybees. But it’s just what I felt. There is every chance that I can be wrong.


The thing is, a lot of businesses are changing, so what seemed like safe bets, decent compounders are also getting affected, so fill it, shut it, forget it PFs are becoming less and less. So these kind of PFs may make less than Nifty. Of course, what time period we are looking at is also important. And then there is sector fancy, once it catches up, underperforming stocks easily beat Nifty.

So just like FnO, there are a few moving parts with investing PFs too.

It is another beast :tiger:

My mind blown reading the post. So better to save time and buy niftybees. that’s the conclusion i came to.

Saw the price movement of nifty on 24th feb, thursday. Now that is surely one difficult day to trade. Closed high previews day, then boom next day huge gap down and going only down.

He does all kinds, from ETFs to FnO, he has all animals in his zoo.

From :turtle: to :horse:

Arey. Am not passing any judgement. So many of them outperform nifty too.
I was just telling about me. I used to under perform before and I felt it was not worth my effort. There are smarter people out there. Even here in forum am sure so many are there.

What is that beast? i want to invest!

No cheetah?

But where. Warren Buffett also betting that most funds wont beat index return over the long period of time.

I was saying, trading and investing are different beasts. Just like there are different approaches to trading, there are things differently done in investing too.

Replace :horse: with :leopard:

That says leopard not cheetah.

No cheetah emoji, so posted leopard :roll_eyes:

He made a bet in the past, and he won that bet.

With index investing, your effort is almost nil, and the reward is alright. With stocks you effort is big, time consuming, even exhausting, and if a lot things align, the reward is fantastic. So no comparison.

This aligning thing very rarely happening. One year aligning, next year alignment gone.

A lot of things aligning rarely happens, but usually a few things always happen, and the reward is satisfactory, this is why people invest in stocks.

No, that is not alignment, it is simply a fad, froth. Alignment means, a lot of things work in favor of the business, things even the management has not expected, and these tailwinds exist for quite some time. Great wealth is created here.

Of course, it is not as simple as it sounds, as I have not experienced such a thing yet, but I know they exist, that is the Holy Grail when it comes to investing, finding a 100 bagger.

Invest 1,00,000, after 20 years take 1,00,00,000 :grin:

Time for midcaps to catch up :face_with_monocle: