Market looking tired on the upside?

From couple of days, we are seeing massive move in SGX to the tune of 2% and going till even 17900 levels but the action seems to end just there. The market is flat and has hardly moved 1% from last week. With global markets doing well by absorbing selling pressure like how US markets did yesterday and dollar index going below key short term support levels, it seems bit risky to short but at the same time considering the price action of nifty and stocks, it doesn’t seem too encouraging to even go long here.

I guess - I’m gonna sit this move out and wait for market to show me the direction and better risk reward setups.

What are your views on the current market ?

We are just getting ready for a big move. Expecting ATH before the end of this Calendar year.

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It’s risky to determine the move, will depend on all other factors round the corner.

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Do you think Indian markets will keep moving forward even though US markets are falling, Some heavyweights are even predicting Snp to fall 20% more from current level , plus the most talked about recession next year
See i don’t have a view

Barring some index movers, most of the small n midcaps are basically dead from last few months.

Broader market strength is definitely missing

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Ultimately it’s demand and supply. After FII sold so much in our markets, we are just 6 percent away from ATH. Domestic flows are very strong. Imagine FII returning to Indian markets.

Every chance that I can be wrong. Exposure wise I won’t be affected if market goes up or down.

Yes. I always feel index outperforms our portfolio in the long run. So last two years I haven’t added stocks to my portfolio. I just keep adding niftybees.

Yes, I agree. It would be better to wait.

Nifty is really looking strong but don’t know why mid n small caps haven’t yet fired :fire:

Maybe waiting for the event to complete

Overall market breadth is weak even though we are 2% away from fresh highs. VIX is extremely low and from opening till 3 pm, the movement is absolutely dull and rangebound in market from last few days.

15-20 point range for hours. :sleeping::sleeping: What a boring mrkt

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Good OI build-up in 18300 CE. Might trigger a good short covering if NIFTY hovers above 18300 spot.

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great for short options

The type of market option sellers like. But yeah. IVs are very low. :smiling_face_with_tear:

No exciting market movement since last week.

So no minds blown since last week :grin:

I think there are three scenarios thats possible. One, is strong breakout above with strong upmove from this boring range. Two, a false strong break then revert back to this range and fall. Three, fall from here to 16800.
Edit: fourth, be in this range till end of the year.

Now that you known all the directions market can go, you are ready :grin:

This rally is led by selective large caps. Nifty is almost at 52 week high while Nifty smallcap is still 20% away from 52 week high.

world is burning n Indian vix at 12-13 :rofl:

Market after opening till 3 PM