Market Makers in Indian Markets - Query

Do we have market makers for Nifty stocks/other large company stocks?

I have been reading master the markets by tom williams (not even half way through yet) and that has led me into believing market makers drive the markets.

On NSE I could only find the NSE Emerge platform for SMEs with a list of stocks with market makers assigned. Are market makers assigned only for those stocks?

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As per my knowledge NSE/BSE doesn’t appoint any continuous market makers for any stocks which are traded on exchanges except for those SME and few illiquid debt instruments.
In India all stocks have to be traded only on exchanges where as in US that is not required, broker can route orders to any exchange/market makers/dark pools etc or broker only can be counter party to his client trades.
In US, yes, as market makers continuously provide both bids and offers at same time provide much needed liquidity and depth to markets, in India all trades has to happen on exchange so totally based on demand and supply market moves, said that few firms/people can still do scalping/arbitrage by offering bids/offers thus providing liquidity to markets and eating on spreads but they do on their own and not mandated for them to provide liquidity and exchanges won’t appoint them.


Thanks for the reply