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The scam is getting bigger and bigger




Translation: Nirav modi shows middle finger to PNB and indirectly to people of India.


LOL , not to worry.

India has lots of day traders and investors who will pay sufficient taxes to cover these losses.

Not only the day traders , but every common man who is working and taxable.

Soon govt will come out bail them and govt will need more taxes next year.

So no more hopes of STTs/LTCG going away in the near future, infact we will have more and more taxes and cess next year in the name of development.

This sort of thing has been happening for ages so this is nothing new, we let people loot us and we let them get away.

Indians are the only people in the world who forgive and forget…:slight_smile:


Exactly nirav modi kind of people enjoy sucking blood out of common people and government can’t even touch them. I don’t even know if they have info on his whereabouts. What’s amazing is just before the scam was out they would fly with family and after selling most of the assets and government will just keep looking like nothing is wrong.


LOL and look at this


That’s what happens when the citizens are honest taxpayer and government is committed to betterment of lives of their citizens.


He is not an idiot to leave 5k Cr worth of jewelry in his home, as claimed by ED.


PNB closed all options to recover dues by going public: Nirav Modi.

Modi claims what he owes PNB is much lower than the bank has gone public with.


Indian billionaire jeweller Nirav Modi has denied allegations that he was involved in a $1.8 billion loan fraud at Punjab National Bank.



Acche Din


whatever your political afflictions are , this forum is not the right place to complain …
and we dont need to guess , most of the loans and LoCs might have disbursed in congress rule


Don’t be naive man. How come these people are allowed to fly away just before the scams come into light? I think corruption is deep rooted in our system and will take maybe more than a century to be able to remove it. Plus it’s been more than 3 years its high time BJP start taking responsibilities.


we are not saudi arabia …
and achee din for mallya was well before 2014 if you know i mean…

i agree that our country in corrupt , but blame the right target


The incompetency of Indian banks is on a different level.


Analysts expect the Nifty to touch 10,000 in March, which would mean a 3.7 per cent downside from current levels as most of the positions carried forward to the March derivatives series are on the bearish side.
Long positions were unwound and more of short positions were rolled over to March series. The roll cost was 6 basis points compared to three-month average of 28 bps.



people who are currently invested beg to differ. Some of them are here on the forum.

are you insulting their intelligence?