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The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) has restrained a Delhi-based brokerage from selling shares of Dewan Housing Finance Corporation (DHFL).


Read it somewhere-
You need few crisis & calamities for them to accept the NEW WORLD ORDER.


Giving password doesnt look like incompetency


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All actions, negative in the short term but good in the long run. How?


Dont answer with Most and Might, be concrete


Keep investing new comers in solid companies, don’t pay attention to the rumors. Don’t waste your time with useless articles, you will repent later for this.

Solid companies have fell along with the whole system in 2018, what are you talking about?

Money is a system and you are asking to ignore and just find good companies?
Which are good companies for you? Have they not fell in 2018?

What kind of returns did you got with such companies?


Dont blindly trust the newspapers


How is this legit?


Solid companies may fell but will never be failed. If you’re too much nervous about the market it’s better for you to stay away from it and invest in fixed income instruments. If you are serious about investing in stock market acquire knowledge by deep studying and be aware of human misbehaving in the stock market. Stocks return in long term more or less in line with its earnings growth.


if you dont know the meaning of most and might then i cant help :wink:



Yes please


Aircel-Maxis case: NSE’s Ashok Chawla facing Sebi probe.
Sebi is evaluating Ashok Chawla’s eligibility to continue as NSE chairman after CBI named him in a chargesheet on the Aircel-Maxis corruption case


Goldman Sachs’s bear market prediction tool is at an “elevated” level that has historically signaled a zero average return over the next 12 months and a “substantial” risk of drawdown.