Market profile,orderflow analysis

Can you suggest any good material on market profile and orderflow [email protected]

Not worth the effort, its an outdated concept. the trading environment has changed. Most of the time you will get it wrong.

I think there is no problem in learning it wheather we implement it or not.Then can u suggest the trending technicals for trading if u know anything new.

The problem is, you fill your sub conscious with so much rubbish, learning what is not necessary and finally there is no space to store info that really matters.

Doesnt MF/OF work anymore ?
I havent studied it, but I feel it is more “scientific” than silly and illogical lines being drawn on a chart.

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What is MF/OF? Market Profile/Order Flow??

yes !

reading tape and vol profile is the only reliable way to day trade or scalp although it can be very difficult to master but if you do you won’t have money problems ever. You need a low latency connection with a tape which shows more than 5 orders at a time and you also need shortcuts to execute your orders which zerodha doesn’t provide. Indian broking platforms are outdated as hell, you can’t reliably do order flow trading to your hearts content…perhaps in the future if the exchange survives short term bubbles.


A noob question perhaps, but what is tape? There is already so much confusion over what is tick data. Does something like belltpo give the data that is needed?

tape is your market depth but not segmented but its the raw order flow data that comes through exchange.

Market profile and volume profile are very much the same thing but market profile has some slight differences and its copyrighted.

Isn’t that image of Tradingview. Wasn’t aware it had feature of DOM.

yeah, i use tv to do most of my research. (Be warned that you won’t get full data even with that)

I don’t know anything about market profile and volume profile and even I couldn’t understand what Ur saying here.If u know anything good material to learn suggest me.And which is the charting software you used here.

market profile intro: (file gets deleted after 30 days, be sure to make a copy).

This dude also explains it well:

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Which is the charting software u used here.I think it’s not zerodha and they don’t have trading view I think.


Around this 70% tape prints should our buying and selling need to happen am I correct.

yeah, that 70% zone will become support and resistance zones for the next few days where as the accumulation zone or poc will be the pivoting area. When you are trading you need to watch these zones on the tape to see if there is a high volume order entry.

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Ohk. So does the real time data subscription have 20 level of quotes.

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Nope, That data is only provided for floor traders.