Markets and Macros: India is a bright spot in a gloomy world

:scroll: In the latest issue of Markets and Macros;

  • Insights from Stanly Druckenmiller’s conversation at the Sohn Conference
  • State of the global economy—updates from IMF, WTO, and the World Bank and more… :point_down:
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Nice write ups. Keep em coming…


Even if India’s is in bright spot, what’s the point? It’s not that the world falls 30% and we rally 30%. It’s like the world falls 30% and we fall 10%. And it will be called outperformamce.
But a fall is a fall no matter what.

Yes, there is absolute performance and there is relative performance.

Like a comparison between equity and debt, even though debt gives lesser return, even negative real return, there is minimal to no capital loss compared to equity, so debt is relatively safe.

So people may choose a relatively strong branch of the tree.