Max loss auto square off feature

Hey @nithin , Can you bring something like auto square off all position if profit exceeds certain limit and loss exceeds certain limit.

Yes I do keep stop loss for all positions , but still , it will help us prevent capital wipe during some black swan events , when SL order fails.

Please dont tell its not possible , its same like you guys squaring off at 3.20 PM MIS orders…

So we can be worry free that our loss wont be more than 10k or 20k per day.

It is on our list of things to do, but doing it for the whole portfolio of F&O positions is tricky. We are starting with GTT for F&O on web from monday with ability to set it right when entering the position. We will soon extend it further.


No need for entire portfolio, just for intraday MIS position for starting phase…just like you square of at EOD, but now it triggers after loss exceed

GTT for fno is awesome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: brokerage will be for multiple orders like bracket order or its single brokerage orders like MIS

For now no additional brokerage for GTT. It will be allowed only for NRML order type to begin with.

GTT trigger will be based on SLM or SL orders what happens if morning opens with gap up

At trigger a limit order is placed. You can keep the limit order far away from trigger price to make it like a market order.

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hmm bit risky for bank nifty options , its better to keep SL-M for GTT for fno

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GTT for FNO is great!! Please make it available on Kite Mobile App also. Because lots of FNO Traders prefer to trade on Mobile App instead of Desktop/Laptop.

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It will be available on app also but initially on web.

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Thanks for introducing this great feature.

Is GTT for F&O available now ? I don’t see it on kite yet .

Not available as of now, will take more time.