Maximum amount that can be transferred into kite account in one go

I have following few questions regarding transfer of funds from bank into kite account:

  1. What is the protocol used for transfering funds from banks to kite account? NEFT/RTGS?
  2. And does that bring any restrictions as in the maximum amount that can be tranferred in one go.
  3. If a trader/investor plans to transfer some money, say 15 lakhs, how can they do that?
    NOTE: I see both NEFT and RTGS has a limit that is the maximum fund that can be transferred using these protocols is 10 lakhs.
  1. You can use NEFT/RTGS/IMPS from your netbanking and Atom gateway transfer directly from within your trading platform.

Atom transfers are instant but are restricted to the banks shown in the screenshot. The cost for an atom transfer is Rs.9 + GST per transfer.

NEFT/RTGS/IMPS is free at our end. You have to add Zerodha as a beneficiary in your netbanking after which you can transfer funds.
You can find Zerodha’s bank account details on the Zerodha Funds page.

IMPS is instant and usually preferred the those who have the option. NEFT and RTGS have the limitation of time to credit. It can take upto 5 hours to credit in your Zerodha account.

  1. Max amount for IMPS/NEFT/RTGS is decided by your bank. Max amount for Atom transfer is Rs.1 cr per transaction.

  2. If your bank is available in the Atom gateway then you can transfer 15 lacs in one shot. If not, you’ll have to transfer 10 lacs via NEFT/RTGS and transfer the rest the next day.


Curious on the Atom gateway. I always use the “Add Funds” link, in Dashboard-Funds page, to transfer funds from/to Bank Account. I guess this is what you are referring to as Atom gateway. My linked account is an ICICI savings account. I’m unable to transfer more than 5 lakhs in a go. I went to ICICI to remove if any restrictions from their side. They couldn’t guide me properly. Now i don’t know where and what is the problem. Icici being a popular bank, can you give me precise steps to check and remove restrictions if any on either side?

Yes, the ‘Add Funds’ option on Kite uses the third-party Atom gateway system to debit funds from your bank account. There is no bank-specific transfer limitation from Atom’s side. There are clients who transfer amounts greater than 5 lacs in one go using Atom. I’d request you to have a clear word with your bank once. I’ll have this checked once with the funds team as well.