Mergar of HDFC with HDFC bank. Shareholders of HDFC Ltd will receive 42 shares of HDFC Bank (face value of Re 1 each) for 25

Shareholders of HDFC Ltd will receive 42 shares of HDFC Bank (face value of Re 1 each) for 25 shares of HDFC Ltd of Rs 2 each — a ratio of 1:1.68.
Shareholder with less than 25 HDFC Share get Shares or not?

The answer lies in your question. For one HDFC share you will get one HDFC bank share and 0.68 worth value (in rupees) will be sent your bank account after some days.

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Less than 1 share is called fractional share, as it cannot be given, the share value amount of 0.68 share will be given.

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For fractional units as we will be paid the share value, Will that be taxable ?

Yes, it will be taxable.

Thanks @KarthikAcharya

At what avg HDFC Bank shares will be offered to us?
For example: 6-Apr-2022 @ 2160 HDFC bank is on 1327
Or current market price ?

HDFC last traded today 12 July 2023… now in about 6-8 Working days as per swap ratio (25 hdfc will turn 42 hdfc bank ) hdfc bank shares will be allotted & listed . there is no price attached to it but trading price of hdfc bank matter on the day of listing approval .
for tax purpose your purchase price and date of hdfc only matter.

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Explained here:

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I have 17 shares of HDFC Ltd at AVG price of 2453.89. The last trading price of HDFC Ltd was 2729.85. Total profit of 4692.95. How many shares of HDFC BANK Ltd will I be getting

28 shares in next 6-8 working days duly listed plus cash credit of 0.56 fractional share in about 45-60 days .

Wii the revised number of shares after the merger reflect on Kite holdings…

should be in about 6-8 working days duly listed…cash credit if any will take about 45-60 days .

U can check my mail I’d where Hdfcbank registrar mentioned clearly within 90 days of allotment of Hdfcbank shares u will receive fractional entitlement of shares therefore u will receive the amount in your account by 15 OCTOBER.:heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign: