Merging of Equity & Commodity accounts in ZERODHA

Greetings ! there are many things brought in by SEBI which are not retailer friendly or with not much concern for retailers. But i feel there are certain things which can be done by brokerage house to ease the pain of retailers…one such issue is merging of both entities of Zerodha Equity & Zeorodha Comodities which with help retailers to hold single account to trade in both segment.

Right now seperate capital amount id needed for Equity side and Commodity side which is too high for a common average retailer. Appreciate if you could hasten the process of merging both entites which will help retailers in a big way - Thanks

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Hi Team Zerodha,

Any update on the merger of commodity and equity accounts? I am not able to fully utilise my funds if I want to do commodity options in the evening.

We’re working on merging the equity and commodity segments. However, will not be able to provide any timeline.

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