MF outside Zerodha, current agent unavailavble

hi I am using Coin. i have few mf outside Zerodha from hdfc and franklin(they are regular) booked through agent. i thought to move it to Zerodha, but for last 3-4 months he (agent) is unreachable by all mean. what should i do to move my mf atlst of hdfc to coin?

Talk to AMC directly. They will be able to help you to move them in your demat account. Once done make sure you contact Zerodha Support so that they can add it into your trading account

I shall check with cust care. Do u mean even Franklin Temp can be moved, though coin dont provide buying opportunity for Franklin?

All MF AMC provide the Option to receive allotment and hold units in demat form

Yep, ask Franklin to convert your regular mutual fund to direct in demat form. Ask them to credit to your Zerodha demat account.

Thanks both, will check with AMC and comeback if any query

i have been told that I can change my plan from growth to direct online but it may attract exit charge! And I belive it would also attract short term capital gain?
So should i better wait for them to complete one year and exit from their and open them on Coin!

Yes, it would be better to do this after a year.