MF Portfolio Review

My plan for SIP monthly Investment for minimum 15 years.

1.Parag Parikh Flexi- 2000

  1. PGIM Flexi- 2000

  2. Canara Robeco Bluechip- 2000

  3. Axis Bluechip- 2000

  4. UTI Nifty Index- 1000

  5. Motlal Oswal S&P 500- 1000

Whats your suggestions sir?

@thesaimonkabir you can consider putting all 10K in UTI nifty index . very difficult for any fund to beat nifty index over 15 year horizon.


Agree with @siva0. I am also fan of passive funds
for such a long duraion I would stick to

  1. Nifty Index fund
  2. Nifty Next 50 index fund
  3. Nify 200 Momentum 30 index fund
  4. Nify alpha low vol 30 index (currently only ETF is availble… that is the issue, can be consided when some sensible MF with low expence ratio is availble )
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Can it beat S&P 500 tho?