Mf scheme in same folio number

hello I have different folio number for same AMC I want all my mutual come under same folio number how can I do it

Some AMCs assign a folio per ISIN, some do it across all types of schemes being offered by them. If you are holding Mutual fund in demat mode, it doesn’t really matter if it’s spread across different folios (this is my understanding), since your demat account becomes the identifier for all units held.

If you would like to consolidate and hold funds of AMCs which are under CAMS, here’s the link:

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To add further to what @VenuMadhav has mentioned. An AMC assigns a different folio number for different schemes depending on the information shared with them from the distributor (could be IFA/bank/online platform). All additional investments under the same folio can be made if the distributor is sending the request to the AMC for the same otherwise AMC will create new folio for every transaction. Some platforms dont allow you to invest in more than one scheme of the same AMC (if it is your first time investment) on the same day so that new folios are not created and every additional purchase in the same scheme or new purchase in other schemes will be mapped under the same folio.

About the link which Venu has shared fro consolidation of folios. If you have given incorrect details or if some details are missing for these different folio numbers then the application will be rejected by CAMS.
For ex, if you had mentioned nominee details for 123 folio no. under XYZ AMC, purchased through ‘A’ distributor but the nominee details was not mentioned for 456 folio no. under the same XYZ AMC then the application for consolidation will be rejected. Basically, if there is any mismatch in details then the application will be rejected.

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If I have invested in XYZ mutual fund via another platform & also plan to invest in the same fund via the coin platform, the folio number generated against this fund will be the same or it will be different for the fund that I invested with Zerodha & another platform?

@Neelesh could you check this and confirm?

The folio number will be different with each vendor even if you apply the same scheme because at zerodha the investments are in a demat mode and a fresh folio gets created for these new investments.

Is it possible to create multiple folios in demat mode?