MF unit in which form?

My relative has invested in MF thru online platform of other broker. Those units are Locked in ELSS & can not be trf to Nominee’s account with same broker coz they are in RTA form. What does that mean? What can be done in this case?

Investment made in coin thru Zerodha is in which form Demat? or RTA?

These means Mutual Fund holdings are on physical form, these can aslo be converted to Demat form, you can read this for more information.

Mutual Funds you invest in through Coin are held in your Demat account.

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if this is the case, what is the procedure to open a new demat + trading account? i would like to open the same for my other family members. one is already having account with Sharekhan & other one is having account with upstox. So i want them to come under one roof of Zerodha for easy management. Since they already have trading account, i guess KYC is already done. how long it will take to open new demat + trading account, coin account etc.?

You can go through this post to know the online account opening process.

One you have applied for account opening, it generally take 24-48 hours.