MidCap Index Fund

I am 25yrs old. Looking forward to some high return ‘MidCap Index Mutual Fund’. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in anticipation.

Personal Suggestion: Consider investing in an Index ETF instead of a mutual fund. If you have thoroughly researched and prepared, achieving a monthly return of 5% is attainable, surpassing what index mutual funds typically offer in a year. This is in addition to the other advantages that ETFs hold over mutual funds, particularly when choosing to invest in an index.

This is completely wrong.

Passive ETFs invest in the same securities as an index mutual fund. It’s just that ETFs don’t have to provide easy open-ended entry and exit, which makes them slightly cheaper than an index fund.

There is no harm in understanding what @TitanTrader meant…

If you do not mind, can you explain how you are able to attend the monthly return of 5%. OP question was about investing in high return mutual fund. Hopefully @Surajrozario will be able to find what he was looking for.

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