Mini Lots for Stock Futures

Dear All,

As like commmodities , there are products with mini and big lot size. For example CRUDEOIL (big- 100BBL) and CRUDEOILM (mini - 10BBL). Because of this small investors/traders can participate in the market.

Same way if NSE or BSE introduces MINI and BIG lot size for all available Stock Futures. What do you think about this?

I request everyone to share your views on this feature?


SEBI doesn’t want retailers to participate in derivative trading and that is the reason to increase the lot sizes and contract values for F&O contracts. So, there is no reason to believe that NSE or BSE will introduce Mini lots in near future.


Sebi will not introduce mini futures and in fact they are increasing their lot sizes. The reason behind to stay away small retailers from derivatives corner so that they does not lose their hard earned money.